Quick Answer: What Is Hinata’S Vertical Jump?

How many inches can Hinata jump?

50 inchesWell apart from that, the skill level shown in Haikyuu can be unrealistic at times, Hinata is literally 5″2, and can jump about 50 inches with a running start, that’s insanely high..

What is Kageyama’s vertical?

SUMMARY (that’s the old word for “TLDR”) Hinata’s max vertical jump is 120 cm, or 47 inches. This is a truly incredible height, and about 2.5 times higher than the average adult male is able to jump.

Who has the highest vertical in Karasuno?

Maximum Jumping HeightsKarasuno. Sawamura Daichi – 310 cm [176.8 cm] … Karasuno Alumni/Neighborhood Association. Tsukishima Akiteru – 328 cm [185.2 cm] … Karasuno Girls. Michimiya Yui – 250 cm [159.3 cm]Aoba Jousai (Seijou) Oikawa Tooru – 335 cm [184.3 cm] … Date Tech. Moniwa Kaname – 305 cm [176.3 cm] … Tokonami. … Ougi Minami. … Kakugawa.More items…•20 Oct 2015

What is Hinata’s vertical?

Hinata Shoyo has a running vertical of 48inches.