Why Does Mcdonalds Make You Pull Up?

What is Mcdonalds OEPE?

What does OEPE stand for.

Oepe stands for order end present end..

Is it illegal to leave a drive thru after ordering?

If you leave without paying, your order is cancelled. If managers are nice they’ll give your food to their employees. If you pay and straight up leave, then your order can be given to employees after we wait maybe 5 minutes to see if you come back. Or it will be thrown out.

Can I walk through a drive through bank?

Originally Answered: Could one walk up to a drive thru bank ATM? Yeah, you can. However, if the bank is open, they may send someone out and ask you to use a different one. They don’t want the risk that you will get run down using a drive-thru ATM machine without a car.

Can you refuse to pull up at mcdonalds?

McDonald’s cannot really do anything about a customer not pulling forward unless they are refusing to move even when the customer received their food.

Why do fast food places make you pull up?

In fast food, it is all about speed of service. … They ask you to pull up so that they can collect your money while your food is being prepared in order for you to get your food and be on your way as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, someone else could drive up to place an order at any time.

Why does mcdonalds make you park?

There’s a reason McDonald’s employees ask you to park at the drive-through. … That’s because employees are measured on how quickly they process cars at the drive-through. If your order is taking a long time to prepare, they’ll take you out of the queue to keep the line moving.